Return Policy


a) The product returns must be made by the same person who made the purchase;

b) Carlos Santos Shoes only accepts the return of products with a verified manufacturing defect;

c) Carlos Santos Shoes does not accept the return of non-defective products;

d) Carlos Santos Shoes only accepts the return of products with a verified manufacturing defect, since the shoes does not show any creases in the leather due to its use;

Return of products with verified manufacturing defect

a) The customer has the right to return purchased products if they present a verified manufacturing defect;

b) Carlos Santos Shoes will evaluate the grounds for return and will subsequently inform the client of its decision;

c) If the manufacturing defects are proven not to be attributable to misuse, the brand will make the refund of the respective amount within 10 days of the customer being notified. The amount to be refunded will include the shipping charges to return the product (when these have been paid by the customer).

d) The refund will always be made according to the option selected on the RETURN/EXCHANGE FORM.

e) If the defect indicated by the client is not verified or if it has been caused by improper use, Carlos Santos Shoes will not refund the amount in question.

Return of non-defective products

a) Buying the shoes of Carlos Santos Shoes means buying unique pieces, made to your needs. For this reason, the brand does not accept non-defective products. Read our production process and find out why.

How to proceed

a) Place the item in the box

You can use the original packaging of your order or another cardboard box as long as it is not damaged. If you use the original packaging, enclose only the product you want to return. Do not forget that the original packaging should always be inside a second box;

Fill out the return form

Fill out the RETURN FORM that is sent with the purchased products. Please complete all the fields on the form and indicate the reason why you are returning the product(s). Later, you must place the completed form inside the box and seal it with tape.

Item collection

To request the collection(s) of product(s) to return, please send an email to the Customer Support Service of our online store: Please indicate the address, date and the time desired for the collection, as well as your telephone number. Collections are made between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Collections are not performed on holidays and week-ends.

d) Refund

After receiving and analyzing the product, we will inform you regarding the refund to which you are entitled. The amount to be refunded includes return shipping charges (when these have been paid by the customer). The refund will always be made according to the payment method chosen at the time of payment.