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Composed entirely of leather including sole.Shoes last: Z336
National and international deliveries. Delivery time from 3 to 6 days, varying according to the delivery zone. For detailed information on prices and values, please refer to the Shipping and Delivery Times page.

With tiny brush allows better access to more difficult areas such as the welt (all around), all the rest (leather) you can opt for a lint-free tissue to wax all the leather.

The wax can be used either on the leather or the welt around.

After the application of the wax should be allowed to dry about 5 minutes and then pull the polishing with the aid of larger brush. This brushing should be shallow (no pressure) and fast so that the brightness highlight.

Still another possibility is to merge with the wax also water (just a few drops) and applied all over the shoe without rinsing, leaving no water balls during dry. The water and the wax will enable higher brightness yet.

carlos santos

Appel à l’émotion

Passer ses heures de veille à penser à des pièces précieuses et uniques a été plus qu’une devise de vie, une manière d’être. Carlos Santos a 70 ans d’histoire et de savoir-faire, marqués par le dévouement d’une équipe unis et cohésive qui est fier de répandre le nom d’un pays qui gagne en reconnaissance dans le monde entier, dans divers secteurs.